New Year, Same Me

It’s been a good month since I last shared here. I diligently prepared a “to-do” list for my 4-week break from school. I schemed on all the productivity I would have. And then, I put it away in my bag and let the whole kit-and-caboodle collect dust for 4 weeks.

It. was. GLORIOUS.

I can highly recommend it.

I’m paying for it now, trying to prep for Winter term post-haste, but you know? It’s coming together. It’ll work out. I think we all need REAL breaks now and again.

In the meantime, I suppose it being a new year I should have some new resolutions. I have thus far resolved to get to bed at night and wake up in the morning at roughly the same time Every. Single. Damn. Day. Yes. Even the weekends. I am convinced I will ultimately be happier for it. I started Monday. So far – I just feel tired. I’m beginning to suspect that I also need to get daily exercise to improve the lethargy. That sounds like work. Trying to find the motivation to get my tired butt in gear so I don’t feel so tired anymore. A vicious cycle.



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