Depression sucks

I really had been doing so well. In so many ways.

Then my dad’s health took a rather bad turn.

And work stress is piling on top of it.

And my husband. Generally a kind man. Keeps saying things. Really stupid things. That imply somehow I am the sole keeper and responsible party for our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. That, somehow, it’s MY fault alone that he found 3 packages of tortillas, all expired this past Spring.

Meanwhile, he’s got student aids and a student teacher, so he’s all caught up at work. He’s living the high life.


Then you figure out what the fuck to do about our pantry. YOU do the goddamn shopping, meal planning, and cooking.

He’s more than capable.



P.S. Yes. I’m sure I’m overreacting because of my mental state. Yes, I’m sure I’m “reading into things” that he never intended. But. Why is it always the woman’s goddamn responsibility to keep house and home? Hmm? If both partners work, IT ISN’T HER FUCKING JOB ALONE ANYMORE. Comprende?


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