I did it

I said no. It was an offer to participate in a workshop focused on assignment design. It actually would have been really useful as I am currently re-designing my homework for my service course. But to participate would have meant completely upending my entire family’s schedule Friday (and Saturday), and paying someone to transport my son to school Friday. Additionally, I would have missed my son’s last soccer game, for which I had already volunteered to bring snack. And all of this, the weekend before Halloween.

It was just too much to ask, I felt. We could have made it work. My husband is more than capable of doing the snack and caring for the children (and himself) for 2 days without me. He’ll be doing it for longer in April when I go to a conference. But for that we have months to prepare and I *should* get a little more bang for my effort as I will be able to present work, network, and see other work at a large conference – instead of one workshop focused on one thing.

In any case, I said no and of course the world did not end. And I probably did it poorly as I outlined far too many reasons for why I was saying no, when I’m sure a simple “I cannot or no thank you” would have been sufficient. But, you know, baby steps. I have to start somewhere.


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