Working on saying no

For the past year, or so, I have been resolving to be better at saying no. And despite my resolve, I find myself coming up with every excuse or reason to say “yes” to things. I’m speaking professionally here. And I have reached saturation. At least for me. I’m on enough committees and other service activities that combined with my teaching and feeble attempts at research mean I’m maxed out.

Which means, I need to start saying “no” as new opportunities arise.

One such opportunity is to attend a workshop at the end of the month that would help me design course assignments to align with Learning Outcomes. This is actually something I am currently working on! How great it would be to go to a workshop and get some guidance and expert opinion on that very thing!

But to do so would mean making some other arrangements to get my kids to school that morning (likely getting dropped off at daycare by dad a full 2 hours earlier than they normally wake up) and then missing my son’s last soccer game for which I already volunteered to bring snacks (it’s a 2-day workshop on a Friday and Saturday).

It’s just got to be a no. It’s too high-cost personally and I’m already feeling like my plate is full.

And yet.

I’m having a hard time writing that email to officially decline the offer.


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