Spring Term

I’m on the quarter system, and we are coming up on Week 3 of our Spring Term. Something about the quarter system’s Spring Term is just brutal. You’re chugging along through winter. You get a week “off” and then, Spring Term. Inevitably, THAT is when the weather turns nice (not during your break) and things start to bloom and the world beckons you outside. But, it is not meant to be as you have 10 weeks of class and 1 week of finals to suffer though with nary a 3-day-weekend in sight. Oh sure, we get one at the end of May…but that is not “in sight” right here in Week 3. No sir. It just seems to draaaag on. And the students feel it too.

I put this awful feeling high on the list of reasons why I prefer semester over quarter. Somehow, you don’t get the same drag effect when you have a Spring Semester. Probably because by this time in the year you’re more than half-way through, which gives a more positive feeling than, holy-shit this is just getting started?

Now I do enjoy my late September start in a lot of ways. So we do get that perk. Balance in all things I suppose. But right now. In April. I’m feeling the drag.


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