Wonder what that means?

I have a problem with middle-men. Most people would call them sales representatives. But in general, these folks just seem to get in my way.

I’m thinking about two of my larger recent purchases: our house and a new car. Oh yes. We fancy!

In any case, we had the usual real estate agent for our house deal. And…let’s just say we were less than happy with their service. Our chief complaint was that they were not good at communication. To the point I started communicating directly with the builder and his real estate agent. And, while we’re on the subject, I actually found the house too. So…as far as the “service” being provided by our real estate agent…I’m just left wondering what exactly that was. They became more of an obstacle than anything else.

Though. To be fair. I think they thought I was a big pain in the ass.

I think our current car sales guy shares their opinion. We went into the dealer with a pretty good idea of what we wanted. We’d done the online research. We knew about the deals they were offering. Had an idea the price we wanted for our trade. Test drove a few. He was necessary for that! I couldn’t have gotten the keys without him!

But when it came down to it, we wanted a different color and they didn’t have it on their lot. Allegedly, he and his boss-behind-the-glass-partition (I hate that show and dance so much) couldn’t find the trim and color we wanted. I asked about the one on Autotrader on my phone that said it was at their lot. What about that one? He got the VIN from me and lo! That car would be coming in next week.

So. Just like the house. I found the damn thing and the sales person felt more like an obstacle that had to be suffered to finally get the deal we wanted.

I wonder what that means?


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