Why do you think?

I just had a student stop by to ask me a question. I am sitting in my office. It’s a Friday morning. His squeaking shoes caused me to look up from my computer and out the open door. (it’s raining. Again.) That was clearly my mistake.

He initially walked past my door and then I heard the squeaking abruptly stop and then inch its way back toward me.

He’s not my student. I have seen him in the halls but he is not in any of my classes. Nonetheless, he crowded my doorway and made eye contact as a way of greeting. No verbal greeting was felt necessary, I suppose, because this eye contact was immediately followed with, “I want to ask you a question, because¬†you’re here.” (his emphasis) “Why are so few professor’s office hours on Friday?”

the office 071009

To be clear, I also have no office hours on Friday. I just happened to be in my office, on a Friday, doing work.

But it is true – the campus is like a ghost town most Fridays. A lot of students live in the area and go home for the weekend. A lot of professors seem to do the same. That is…stay home for a long weekend.

But rather than give the obvious answer: because nobody wants to work on Friday, I said this: “Well, a lot of professors are aware that our students go home for the weekend and aren’t available to meet for Friday office hours. With that in mind we usually pick times during the rest of the week that students are better able to attend to hold office hours.”

“Oh yeah, I don’t have classes on Friday. I’m just here today. But you’re right, most of my classes are Monday through Thursday.”

“Exactly. Again, we’re aware that a lot of our students needs and other demands on their time take them off-campus on Fridays, so we schedule our office hours during times that are better suited to our students needs.”

Sign me up for politics.




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