New Year

I do not really *do* New Year Resolutions. I never have. Sure, I got a FitBit for Xmas, but that is because I always have a goal of fitness and I love collecting data. And this one collects data on my heart rate, yo!

We also have re-set our budgetary goals as a couple…but we do that at the beginning of every month. It just so happens that the start of this month coincided with a new year. So I do not think that counts.

What other goals do people set at the new year?

To lose weight? Sure. Save more money? Check. Get a raise or promotion? Not really an option for me. I do not get merit raises and my promotion is a 5-year process that is well underway. I set my goals for that over a year ago and keep regular tabs on my progress. So that won’t do it.

I suppose my goals, if I were to have any, would be along the lines of managing stress better. Relaxing more. Enjoying the moment. And yelling less.

I yell at my kids. Nothing awful. I don’t call them names or anything like that. But when overwhelmed or frustrated I wind up yelling. My mom did too. There are worse vices, I’m sure, but this one is mine and it is something I would like to work on.

There. Now I can fit in and have a New Years Resolution like everyone else. For 2016, I resolve to yell less. Which I imagine will be more readily accomplished if I also manage my stress better, relax more, and enjoy moments.

Perfect. I like the sound of you already 2016. Let’s do this.


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