Short and Pithy

I had a short and pithy post. I know I did. I thought to myself, I should tweet that. Then I thought, no…no. Not appropriate. I curate my Twitter so that it’s class appropriate and let my students know I’m on Twitter. Then I thought, I should blog that. But I wasn’t at my computer and things happened and days passed and now I have no idea what the idea was. Only that I had it.

Riveting stuff.

It’s finals week in these parts. On the whole, I think this term went better than my first Fall term just one short year ago. I am still learning so much though. I have the opportunity to teach the same survey course next term that I taught this term, which I am looking forward to. I think teaching back-to-back terms will give me a better chance at tweaking the course even more for improvement.

Right now I’m struggling with how to handle homework. Roughly 20% of the course points are supposed to be earned in some form of homework or in-class work. I am a big fan of interactive activities and current event reflections and the like. But the grading is killing me. I am not keeping up on it, and next term I have two lecture sections (so twice as many students). Which means I need to find a new way of delivering the same outcome. I’m still not quite sure how to go about that.


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