How has parenting changed you?

I think this is a common question. I suspect there are multiple slide shows cluttering up the interwebs on the subject. Now that you’re a mom, how have you changed? How is life different?

Of course the simple cliched answer is: everything has changed. And it’s cliche because it is true.

But to be more specific: I now find myself tearing up, shedding tears, choking back sobs, and occasionally totally weeping far more often now. Every damn day. Multiple times a day!

It’s God-awful.

Seriously. Before I was a mom I was a rock. I am not saying I was emotionally healthy, but I refused to cry in public. EVER. I mostly never cried in private either.

Bambi’s mom dies?

Simba’s dad dies?

World Trade Towers struck (I remember):

I know why, but it’s another post. The point is, before kids, I was purposeful and successful at suppressing almost any emotion – especially negative ones.

After kids?

Sappy commercial on tv?

Read a story about a 9 year old saving a kitten?

Watch a sad movie?

Think about Bambi…and his mother….

Okay. I couldn’t find an image of Spock sobbing. But seriously. The snot bubbles are real.

So what has changed? I am constantly on the verge of tears. I haven’t even mentioned the times I well up with joy or pride for the little rug rats.

How is being a mom different? You cry more. A lot more. Pretty much all the time.

Consider yourself warned.


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