Is it Autumn where you live?

It is Fall where I live. Well, it feels like it. My husband is keen to point out it is NOT Fall until September 21. I have tried to tell him that the Equinox actually moves around the calendar a bit. In fact, this year it’s not officially Fall (or do you prefer Autumn? I think I might, but cannot make up my mind) until September 23!

Look, if it’s on the internet it must be true!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.38.34 PM

In any case, the weather (finally!) changed and has been cool and cloudy with a bit of drizzle here and there. I plugged in the sweet cinnamon pumpkin wall flower. I put up our Fall decorations (it seemed like we had so much more when we lived in an apartment! they don’t go nearly as far in an entire house, I assure you).

And I made this pumpkin spice french toast for dinner one night this week. I can highly recommend this recipe.

It was super easy to make since I used canned pumpkin, which we already had in our pantry. Later in the season I hope to make my own pumpkin puree and try again. It really does taste better when you make your own pumpkin puree. I was skeptical, but tried it. And now I’m a believer!

Anyway, even with canned pumpkin, the pumpkin spice french toast is delish. Also, I had my first piece with syrup (respectable. good.) and my second piece with Nutella. I regret nothing.


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