How it went down

The house situation: we signed a contract on a new build home in March 2015. The contract had an estimated close date of July 10, with a 10 day allowance for unforeseen circumstances. We were told we should get the actual close date no later than 45 days prior to the blessed day. We were told in April, unofficially, it might be end of June. Around mid-June I checked in and the close date was moved to “mid-July”. Probably still July 10. Then it moved to July 17, and finally July 24. That turned out to be the real day, but that whole “45 days prior” business turned out to be utter nonsense.

(Funny story, if you do a Google Image Search on “nonsense” this comes up:

You’re welcome.)

We were constantly frustrated with our realtors – it felt like they checked out of the deal as soon as the contract was signed and they continually dropped the ball on communication. So much so that I took to spamming the lot of our builder/mortgage guy/builder’s realtor/and our realtors any time we needed to communicate. I imagined they loved us.

We were not fond of our mortgage guy. He got a bee in his bonnet about a month before close and ranted at us for having “attitude”. We did have attitude. We were tired of being asked for the same documents we had already provided. It doesn’t give one great confidence in their banker if that banker can’t keep track of documents, amiright? During the conversation his assistant came in to say, hah – oopsie, yeah. Found the documents from them in my spam box. See? NOT our fault. We would have left him then, but at the time thought we were about 2-3 weeks out from closing. It turned out we had about 5 weeks, but see above about the moving close date.

I understand the roller coaster of changing dates is par for the course when one purchases a new home. It didn’t make the ride any smoother knowing that.

On the plus side, our lease on our apartment went through August 31, so we had time. In fact, the longer they took the better for us – fewer days of paying double rent/mortgage. It just would have been nice to not have been yanked around and left in the dark constantly.

So to sum up: we were working with people we didn’t really like, to buy a house that kept getting delayed, while our current “home” (we more commonly refer to it as a hellhole) was nearly entirely boxed up making the kids (and us) all a bit crazier than normal. Was this our most stressful move ever? I’m not sure I can say. But it certainly was the one with the least defined schedule.


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