We get it, you bought a house

Buying our house will be a big theme for a bit here. It’s one of those milestones in life that people make a fuss over. Or at least, I am going to make a fuss over. You would think this was our first home purchase or something. It was not. In fact, seven years – oh Holy Hell, it was eight – eight years ago we bought our first house. In a different state. One of those sunshiney states that was high on the bubble of housing. We bought at the tippity top of the bubble for our area – just before it all came crashing down. We loved that house. We were house-poor for that house and should never have bought the damn thing. But we were making it work. Then I lost my job. Then my husband lost his job – his is a way better story than mine. He was an Assistant Manager at the Grocery-that-shall-not-be-named (rhymes with Bafeway) and he got stabbed by a shoplifter in the neck and they fired him, because company policy is no contact with shoplifters. (I wish I was making this up. And no, there was no wrongful termination suit because we were in a “right to work” state. We asked a lawyer and everything.)

ANYWAY. The depressing outcome of all of that craziness is that we ultimately foreclosed on that house after a failed attempt at a short sale. It has taken many years and hours of therapy to get me to the point that I can tell you that so matter-of-factly. So this time. This time we were going to do it “right”. So far so good – we have stable teaching jobs and we bought a house that was (theoretically) within our means instead of stretching our means.

All I can say is – even though it is our second house – it is a BIG f-cking deal when you lived in a house, and then had to go back to apartments. And when you lived in a house with your husband and 2 cats, and then when you actually had your babies you had to bring them home to apartments. It’s a BIG f-cking deal, when you have moved 7 times in the last 9 years to finally have a place to call HOME that you plan to not leave for many, many years.

So excuse me, while I fuss over it for a bit.


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