For the love of a refrigerator

As I mentioned, I have already blogged in a few other places. Now that I’m going steady with just this one blog here, I thought I might bring over some of the old baggage posts. They say one shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, so, I figure that means I should recycle old posts. It’s also that I want to get everything in one place, and then I can properly delete the old blogs instead of leaving them dangling, abandoned in the interwebs.

This post was written on July 22, 2015. We were thick in the process of buying our house – spoiler alert, we DID finally close on July 24, 2015; a mere 2 days after this post was written. But I can assure that on July 22, 2015 our actual close date was as much a mystery as Donald Trump’s current popularity.

And now you know something of my political leanings.

Anyhow, please enjoy one of the many frustrated chronicles of home-buying:

Today’s aggravation was brought to me by Home Depot. Isn’t that supposed to be the helpful place? (I used the wrong tagline on purpose. Enjoy it. And sorry Ace  Hardware. I shop you too!)

Our fancy new home is only fancy enough to come with a stove (gas!), microwave-hood contraption, and a dishwasher (disappointingly small and low-end). It is not fancy enough to come with a refrigerator, washer, or dryer. We purchased these modern conveniences from the Home Depot. Who can feel free to compensate me if they wish. Seriously, is there a media relations person I should talk to…or…? No?

I see.

In any case, through no fault of Home Depot, I purchased our refrigerator May 31. That’s right. Almost 2 months ago. There was a Memorial Day Sale and I am one of those shoppers. The kind who HAS to have a coupon, sale, discount code, SOMETHING. I cannot purchase anything full price. It goes against the grain. It looked like a good deal and I was still under the foolish notion we’d be closing by the end of June at the time (yeah. Hah!). BEFORE the 4th of July sales. So clearly this was our best possible price opportunity! We had to SEIZE THE SALE!

And I optimistically scheduled delivery for July 2.

And then we found out our close date was targeted for “mid-July” on or around June 25. So I rescheduled the refrigerator to July 9. Ever the idiot optimist.

Fourth of July sales came around and the washer and dryer I was interested in were EVEN cheaper than they had been in the Memorial Day Sale. The time to strike was upon us. They had to be purchased! And they were. And scheduled for delivery on July 16.

Everything was in place for our alleged July 10 closing date.

Which then got moved to July 17. So I moved ALL three appliances to be delivered on July 23. They only come out to our area on Thursdays it seems.

Life was good. I was starting to get to know the Home Depot Appliance line options by heart, but hey. So far a very painless process.

Then our close date was moved to July 24.

I again called up and asked that ALL THREE appliances, if you please, be moved to July 30. I was told it was so.

And then today I got the most unexpected phone call. Home Depot was to be delivering “my order” tomorrow (July 23) between 2:30 and 6:30pm.

Which one!?

So I called their appliance number. Ingrid might have been having a tough day too. She didn’t seem very keen to help. We went back and forth and she put me on hold several times while chatting with the delivery folks. According to her they ran out of room on the truck. So only 2 of my 3 appliances made it to the July 30 delivery date. The 3rd was left at July 23. That would have been nice to know! I told her we didn’t have the house yet, so we’d have to re-schedule unlucky appliance #3. And can we please make sure the refrigerator is one of the 2 that makes it on July 30. We’ll need that a heck of a lot sooner than we’ll need the washer and dryer.

More hold music.

She came back and told me there was no problem. The refrigerator was set for July 23 and the washer/dryer for July 30.

Ingrid. Sweetie. I cannot accept delivery on July 23. I DO NOT OWN THE HOUSE YET. I told her I wanted the refrigerator for sure delivered on July 30. Washer and Dryer could be scheduled for a later date – the next available. Oh! Okay, she says.

Puts me on hold again.

About 4 minutes later the call goes off hold (the music stops) and there’s silence for a few seconds. And then? Call ended.


I just. can’t. even.

So I went to lunch with my family. I was already late owing the unexpected Home Depot venture.

After lunch I called Home Depot back. Trust me, it was to their benefit I ate lunch first. I don’t do well when Hangry.

The woman I spoke to this time told me she had no idea why I would have gotten the first call – all three appliances were scheduled for July 30.

She confirmed with the delivery truck and everything. So, allegedly, all 3 appliances are set for July 30 now. Despite Ingrid telling me there wasn’t room on the truck.

So now I suppose we wait. And see if all 3 appliances show up next Thursday or not. I guess the first mystery is if we close this Friday or not.

***Spoiler Alert: We DID close on Friday. And the appliances, all three, were delivered as promised on July 30 in 102 degree weather (unusual for our area). Which just goes to show, I should leave things well enough alone.


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